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a love of lettering.

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my love for lettering sparked when i was three and got my very first magna doodle. if you don't know what a magna doodle is, i am sorry for you. it is only the best invention ever created.

see? that's what a magna doodle is. still have one. and i'm serious when i say i got a new one every other christmas until i was like fourteen. however, i would rarely use my magna doodle to draw pictures... i used it so i could write. i would practice my cursive, print, bubble letters, block letters, crazy letters, you name it. i'd write names, words, my future children's names and every thing in between. i could spend hours on end writing on my magna doodle. shout out to fisher price for sparking the extreme love for lettering i have today.

another reason lettering is my thing is because the only award i ever got in elementary school was the handwriting award. every single year. who cares about "perfect attendance" or "best reader" or "smartest" or whatever other awards they hand out when "the handwriting award" is an option?? right?? also, my third grade teacher taught us cursive and called me up to her desk and told me she loved my cursive and it looked just like "teacher handwriting." i took that odd compliment and ran with it. those elementary examples are what gave me confidence in my lettering at a young age and fueled my interest in having the prettiest penmanship possible.

another quick story that's going to make me sound crazy: the first time i ever dipped the nib of my calligraphy pen into the ink pot and drew my first letters, i teared up. and then i literally started crying. and then i tried to explain out loud the overwhelming feeling of pure JOY i got when i was doing calligraphy for the first time and straight up bawled my eyes out.

so from then on, i have loved to letter. there's no other way to describe how i feel about it, but that i love it. i just love it. i love that the Lord has graciously given me something to be so passionate about.

i made this website so i can showcase my work, blog about it, and connect with people through lettering and calligraphy. xoxoxo