turnaround time. it takes two weeks for orders with 150 envelopes and three weeks for orders with 150+ envelopes. if you need your envelopes sooner, i can rush them for an additional fee.

extras. i require 15% extra envelopes to cover errors and last minute additions. this is important to remember when ordering your envelopes or having your return address printed on them.

ink. depending on the project, i use sumi ink, india ink or metallic ink. i use custom mixed gouache for any color other than black, white, silver or gold.

payment. i invoice through paypal. if we meet in person, i am available to take cash or check (i will make sure the check clears before i begin your project.) i require that a 50% deposit is made before starting an order. your final invoice will be sent to you when i am finished and once the invoice has been paid, i will ship your envelopes (and a small surprise!) back to you.

format. it is important to send me a pdf, doc or spreadsheet of your addresses exactly as you want them written on the envelopes. i will always use "&" instead of "and" and spell out "street" vs. "st."  the knot's envelope etiquette guide is a great reference if you have questions about how to properly address your invitations.


outer: $2.00
inner: $1.00
outer/inner set: $3.00
return address: $1.00
return envelope: $1.50
ink color (other than black): $20 charge per 100 envelopes

*prices are subject to change.