Connar Joy Calligraphy

Connar Joy Calligraphy "Learn to Letter"

Each #connarjoyclass will help you gain the skill set you need to start your calligraphy or hand-lettering journey! I offer three different of workshops: Intro to Modern Calligraphy, Hand-Lettering How-To, and Private Calligraphy or Lettering Classes at your convenience. Learn more about each below!


Intro to Modern Calligraphy is meant for beginners who want to learn the skill of drawing letters with a pointed dip pen. In this class, I will teach you the basics of pointed pen calligraphy, from how to properly hold your pen, to ink flow, to applying pressures. I will show you how to calligraph the entire alphabet, in both lowercase and uppercase. By the end of the course, you will be able to take the skills you just learned to combine your letters into words and create beautiful, personal works of art.

What you will get: 2 hours of instruction with Connar, a pen holder, 3 nibs, a jar of ink, an instruction booklet, tracing pad, and a small surprise!

Please note: a limited number of seats will be available to create maximum amount of personal instruction.

Connar Joy Calligraphy "Hand-lettering How-To"

Hand-Lettering How-To is a fun class for beginners who want to learn to letter pretty! In this class, I will demonstrate how to letter different strokes and add flourishing. We will go over how to hand letter different words, letters and phrases. You will learn how to develop your own, unique lettering style. At the end of the class, we will create a custom hand-lettered print for you to take home and frame for yourself or gift to a friend (and seriously impress them!)

What you will get: 1.5 - 2 hours of instruction with Connar, all the supplies you will need to get started with lettering, an instruction booklet, practice paper, card stock for your hand-lettered work of art, and a small surprise!

Connar Joy Calligraphy "Private Lettering Classes"

Host a private calligraphy or hand-lettering class! Whether it's for a birthday party, bridal brunch, girls weekend, or just for fun! I am offering private lessons for small groups. You provide the people, the place, eats + drinks, and I will bring all the supplies. These can be at your home, a bakery, restaurant, church, your place of business... wherever! Right now, I am only booking private calligraphy classes in Lubbock, TX. Please contact me if hosting a class is something you are interested in!