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canvas cleanse.

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so, i have good news and bad news. usually i go for the good news first, but i'll start with the bad this time.

i've decided to stop offering custom canvases. when i first started my business, 90% of my orders were for custom hand-lettered and hand-painted canvases. canvases were a really great starting place for me to learn the ropes of selling my work. over the past several months, i have taken a step back from canvases and moved almost completely towards other things. even though i don't post many canvases on my instagram anymore, i still get canvas inquiries weekly. SO for those of you who are all about a canvas with your favorite verse, quote, name, lyrics, etc... this is your chance. here comes the good news!..... i used to be a canvas hoarder. but now they are just in stacks all over the place. so, in cleaning out inventory to make way for new + exciting things (2017!), i have decided that the month of november will be all about commissions for hand-lettered, hand-painted canvases at a huuuuuge discount!


sizes + pricing:
each price includes a white, hand-lettered canvas with 15 words or less. other factors will add to the cost. these factors are: canvas color, number of words, flourishing (scrolls, swirls, vines + florals done with paint pen) & other artistic elements (flowers, vines, other hand-painted extras).

lettering colors available: black, white, gold, silver and red.

8x10: $10 (sold out)
9x12: $11 (sold out)
11x14: $12 (sold out)
12x12: $13 (sold out)
12x16: $14 (sold out)
14x18: $15 (sold out)
16x20: $16 (sold out)
20x20: $18 (sold out)

*i have anywhere from 2 to 16 of each size available. i will update & remove the size when each canvas has been sold.

additional costs:
paint a canvas a color other than white (8x10 - 12x16): $3
paint a canvas a color other than white (14x18 & bigger): $5
more than 15 words: $3
more than 25 words: $6
flourishing: $4
painted vines: $5
painted flowers: $8

this canvas is 16x20, painted mint green with flowers.
size $16 + canvas color $5 + flowers $8 = $29. usually the price for this would be $55.

to order, email OR use my form. when ordering, please be specific! include wording, size, canvas color, lettering color and if you want any flourishing or other painted elements. also, tell me your vision for what you want it to look like! i will then ask you any follow up questions, give you a final price, get your approval, and send a paypal invoice your way. once paid, i will begin your custom piece!

all orders will be shipped before december 10th. cost of shipping is not included in these prices! please estimate $5-$12, depending on canvas size. if you are local to lubbock, i will deliver your canvas to you to avoid shipping costs.

christmas is coming up and these make the perfect personal, custom-made, thoughtful gifts!  xoxoxoxoxo